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Iron cross, real or fake

Article about: Dear members, just found this iron cross at a local charity shop amongst costume jewellery, priced at 50p. I think it's real but I'm no expert. What do you all think, mike

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Hi Mike, and welcome to the forum!

    It looks like a nice original. Xmas has come early for you!

    Cheers, Ade.

    Wow, you can say that again!

    A vaulted WWI EK1 for 50p, if this is indeed the real deal, that is something else indeed!

    Lady luck smiles...

    My question is, what kind of silly person puts 50p on an Iron Cross? And where can I find sellers like this!!!!!!!!!

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    Could well be a TR replacement from Meybauer.

    @ Mike, do you have a sharper photo of the obverse please?


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    Greg is right, obviously This is how slim Imperial Meybauer became fat in TR era. Itīs same with some women. When you see one 20 years after, you canīt believe how such slim beauty could grow to this dimension - so your first thought naturally is that it must be a Frankenstein. But then you find out it is absolutely normal, hehe.
    Now seriously - this type usually sell on ebay for 120 - 130 € - if unmarked. I saw it once marked L/13 and it ended at 500 €.

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