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LONG Saw-Back Bayonet Donation

Article about: Hello all! My family owns a recycling facility and militaria comes in all the time. Luckily, I can use it to build my collection/ share with my high school history students (I work for my pa

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    You did very well for $11.00 I would say! It's maybe not the rarest or maybe not the holy grail of bayonets, but it's just a great bayonet...
    It's a S98/05aAS or Seitengewehr model 98/05 alter Art mit Sage (bayonet model 98/05 old model with sawback). Produced by C. Schilling Suhl in 1913 with a Prussian aceptance stamp (crowned W). These sawback models were used by NCO's and in fact they were designed as a tool to cut down telegraph poles or branches and so.
    Because of the terrible wounds these sawbacks caused, there was an order sent out by the Prussian War Ministry on september 15, 1917 and by the Bavarian War Ministry on October 17, 1917. It said that all sawbacks at the front were to be replaced with plain back bayonets. They were to go to training units and reserves on garrison duty. Non frontline communication troops were to keep their sawbacks and prison guards stationed in Germany would be issued sawbacks. In January 1918, the Arms and Ammunition Procurement Office was instructed to arrange that saws be removed as soon as possible.
    This means that the sawbacks were not removed by the soldiers themselves, but they professionally cut down by the army...
    The value of this bayonet will be around $200.00 in my opinion...
    Most of this information can be read in a book of Anthony Carter, "German Bayonets: The Models 98/05 and 98/05", pp. 34 - 36.
    I hope this information will help you out...


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    Your information was very helpful, thank you Adler!

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