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Article about: here are my two mod 16, a camouflaged and marked SI66 and other felgrau and marked ET6 SI66 4. ET64 all comments are welcome, regards

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    thanks a lot for all your comments,
    but these two helmets are in my family since 1921,today,i have asked at every old people in my family if they were repainted but nobody can be able to give answer,just that they stay some years in the attic and after they come back in family living room and now in my office
    may be,they are a tourist souvenir from the flanders field????
    and the 64 in white isn't an size marking....and isnt a satin varnish... just many,many layer of wax!!!

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    Regardless of what you've been told, they definitely look to have been modified in no fewer than one way. The helmets may have been in your family for that long of a time, but they have been altered. As for Flanders Field, maybe and maybe not, but it doesn't change how they look now. Sorry about your luck, friend!

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    Hello Gents
    Correct me if I am wrong, but the vent studs on the cammo helmet look
    like something I would expect to see on a size 64 helmet, not a 66.


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    cammo helmet marked SI66 and the felgrau ET64.........
    thanks again for comments and your advice
    now they will continues quietly their life in my office :-)
    regards, Theo

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    Hello Theo
    This is interesting. I have never seen a size 66 helmet with a stepped vent stud. Here is a link to another Si66 helmet for comparison.

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