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Article about: snagged this last summer for am old timer in townm16 liner has a tear in leather, I am having that repaired. liner material has held up super well No rust, pretty nice overall condition more

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    While we are talking about this helmet maybe u guys can help me kill 2 birds with one stone
    . I have always steered away from camo M16"s as I do not have a ton of experience with them.
    What do you guys think of the pain job on this guy? can send more pics if needed
    thanks in advance

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    Yes please, more pics in better light. Perhaps outdoors if you can.

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    I apologize because my reply with more pics is so belated.

    The liner, which had the split is rather fragile so I have it kept out in better storeage condirions. I got the pins in the correct holes and orientation.

    Now for the lid itself.

    There are #2 pencil lines in areas, look like a kid was writing on it but no major issue.

    I have never espoused this to be a "camo" lid. I have had my double. when I got it out in the sun, it looks like green over original green repaint with some black likes to break it up. The camo lines aren't the worst patern, but I have never seen just black on great great war camo, that's just me.

    What do you guys think. I am leaning messed with post war, but homing its real. Either way the money I have in it is great no matter what the out come

    Photos are high resolution for maximum ease of viewing

    Thanks In Advance
    General Putnam

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M16   M16  

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    It looks like it previously had good camo on it. I certainly would not mess with this finish. The other drawbacks to removing the liner are that often the brittle pins will get broken when re-bending them and even if they don't snap, they can never be bent back flush, as they were originally. So, it will be obvious that the liner has been removed. Perfectly fine if you plan to keep the helmet, but if you ever decided to move it along, it would hurt the value. Just my thoughts.


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    Thanks CCMJR,
    When I bought the helmet the liner was split, you can see that in my first pics. The liner came right out as the pins had been dead straight. There is really no way to repair the split unless your a leather smith. The liner would start to hang down and had to store it so the liner would have no stress. This was an Evil Bay purchase I am not in it for a whole lot just wanted a nice WW1 helmet.
    Thanks for the advice I will put it back on my shelf in office. I appreciate you response

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    Bryan, I am not familiar with first war helmets. What are the cloth packets under the leather pads? Are they just stuffing or is there a purpose for them? Medical supplies? Thanks and very nice helmet! Bob

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    There is a layer of green over the original colour,
    and the thick black lines stop where the original
    paint is worn away. Looks like a much later
    touch up.

    If the price was right, why not.........


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    Quote by Combat Boots View Post
    Bryan, I am not familiar with first war helmets. What are the cloth packets under the leather pads? Are they just stuffing or is there a purpose for them? Medical supplies? Thanks and very nice helmet! Bob
    Just stuffing for the liner pads.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    The original fill in these pads were horse I had an M16 way back when ..and had 3 sewn sealed cloth packets that resembled a miniature mattress.
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