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M16 Camo - Bell"L"64

Article about: Hi Guys, This is probably my best WWI Camo. This one was a flea market find over 20 years ago. It has a decent liner, but not chinstrap, and I think the bales are repro's. Otherwise, it is a

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    Now this one has what you want to see in a WWI camo! It has a great design and its evenly divided into nice sized, color and shape sections. Yours are rounded, where as mine has sharp, angled geometric patterns. The official regulations for the WWI camo pattern wasn't specified as what shapes to used but that it had to have, at most, four sections when looking from the front..yours has three. Mine has two and a half. We all know not every soldat followed regulations , especially on the battlefront..they could care less for petty stuff like that when bullets and shrapnel are flying at you! Thanks for sharing this fine helmet. I'm not a collector of WWI items but I had to have one!

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    Very, very nice. A great looking helmet - and what's more the pads look very supple - are they?

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