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M16 Camo - Bell"L"64 - Battle Damaged - Hohenzollern Shield

Article about: This one arrived yesterday from Giorgio. It has a lot of battle damage and paint loss, and is missing both lugs - presumably due to concussion, but the plusses outweigh the liabilities in my

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    Not really my area but I imagine very very unusual to see this insignia on top of a camo? Great lid

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    Quote by KradSpam View Post
    Not really my area but I imagine very very unusual to see this insignia on top of a camo?
    On my examples, the camo sections were painted so that the shield remained in a section of the original helmet paint. The only exception is where the camo was painted over the original shield and a second shield was painted back over the camo. To my understanding, the Garde Division was ordered to start painting the shields on in the spring of 1918. The camo was added to conform to the general army orders later in the summer. At some point, the original red company numbers were judged to be too dark to really be visible from the rear (part of the original purpose), so they were over-painted in white. Of my three helmets, two are this way, but you can still see the outline of the original numbers. I have also seen original helmets with black numbers and with white only, with no other number underneath. It's interesting to theorize as to how these variations came about.

    Of course, there is no lack of faked Garde Division helmets out there.


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    Fantastic example of a very desirable helmet. Well done once again.


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    Thank you gentlemen. I wanted a camo'ed Garde helmet, or one with a company designation. This one, even with the damage, more than satisfies both of those cravings for me. Thanks again, Jim G.
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    I think that is a fantastic helmet, a real "one-looker". Given the choice between it and a stone mint example, I wouldn't have to think twice. In 30+ years of collecting I've concluded that character, not condition, is what counts.

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