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M16 camo helmet and gasmask canister - Souvenirs from Verdun

Article about: Hi all, Just got back from an impressive trip to the Somme region and Verdun. Bought me an early gasmask canister ( with instructions and a set of reserve lenses) and a M16 camo helmet shell

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    I'd leave it as it is. As a battlefield relic, it speaks for itself. No restoration required.

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    I agree with B.B. I would not add the liner as by doing so your original relic will no longer be in as found condition. Besides, it would be hard to find a liner in a condition that would match the helmet so it would look a bit odd.

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    Yes, I think I leave it at it is. Got tempted because I saw a original M16 liner online. But it will never match the relic as it is.



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