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M16 helmet on eBay

Article about: Take a look at this currently being offered on eBay. I've never seen bullet holes like that before! Click on and enlarge. If I didn't know better, I would think that someone had gone through

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    Would the nail not go the other way, to sit on top of a post easier to bang downwards.
    sorry to the OP, taking over this thread somewhat

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    Quote by greatwhite View Post
    Would the nail not go the other way, to sit on top of a post easier to bang downwards.
    sorry to the OP, taking over this thread somewhat
    Yep, that was my thought too although the idea makes sense.

    I have never tried it with a german helmet but I have tried to make a hole in the manganese steel of both british and US helmet shells and found it impossible without using such as a cobalt tipped drill so a nail might be a bit of a stretch. I know this is a bit of a deviation in the thread but it still concerns odd holes in helmets so maybe not too far off topic!



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    The shape of the helmet is why i figured you'd first have to make the hole from the inside out (i.e concave shape) in order to get the nail to puncture the shell. Trying from the outside in (i.e. convex shape) might cause the nail to slip.

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    the m16 don't look right.

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    M16 helmet on eBaySpiked with a pick axe?....
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    Quote by Gunny Hartmann View Post
    Spiked with a pick axe?....
    No way... a pick-axe would tend to make a squarish hole. If you enlarge the picture the first thing you notice is the roundness of the hole, and the distinct lack of any inward protruding lip on the edge of the hole. It all points to a drill being used to make the hole, and then a good whack with an object with a rounded head. I have never seen such bullet holes in my life! The nearest I have seen was a 1/4 inch thick armour plate at the back of a Humber Pig which had been drilled by a few rounds of A/P back in 1972. But unlike a helmet, there was no give in the metal.
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