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M16 helmet relic

Article about: Thanks for the extra photos. It does look as though it sat somewhere with moisture, but it doesn't look dug. as far as the paint, again not having it "in hand", it's hard to tell.

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    Quote by Panzer 3 View Post
    Hi Ingrid,
    Nice helmet shell and as said with the stepped lugs i would say a small size, and i think you had that at a good price.
    These are hard to find in my part of the country, but im still looking.
    Thanks mate!


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    thank you steve for the information i will have to look at the lug in more detail as you say it would be pointless to cut off i will try and post a closer pic including the inside of the shell ,thanks again james

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    I am no expert on WW I relics, but I am an expert on American Civil War relics. I would say the condition suggests either a barn find or a battlefield pick up within 5 years of the end of the war. Not a dug relic. The remaining paint is probably original to the shell. Very nice example of a helmet that as we Civil War collectors say "saw the elephant".

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