Thanks harry!

So holding this thing in hand, I can't imagine it would have much use as an actual weapon. I realize of course that by this time these things had become largely symbolic, but still, it inspires so little confidence in me that I would probably feel disappointed with it (were I issued one). It's clearly a thrusting type, but even at this, and with it's small but thick blade, it just seems far too cumbersome.

In hand it seems to weigh as much as the 1820 US saber I posted along side it in the photos (which inspires a lot more confidence in me!). I guess from a collecting stand point I think it's unfortunate that they didn't have (at least in this model) a weapon that could serve as a weapon and as a symbol of rank. With all the "trench weapons" they came up with, it would have been nice for officers to have an issued sword that was more than a highly reformed version of man-jewelry.

Just my opinion! Maybe you guys have more confidence in this thing's weapon potential than I do.


(still looks pretty, as it was designed to)