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M1895 Piklehaube

Article about: Hi all saw this 1895 (Prussian Guard??) Piklehaube in a local gun shop and couldn't resist!!! first off its missing its spike of course...its hole has an old cork wedged in it!!! ... and a f

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    Ok thanks guys for all your input!!!! .....
    today I tried a little leather restorer on the rear visor and it has made the markings a lot clearer...especially on the right side where hardly anything was visible!!!! hopefully now it will now help with trying to track down some of its history!!!
    the markings on the right side would seem to be at the bottom left 2 C L B 2...then possibly another number 8???? there is some damage here and it is hard to make out!!!
    above that is a 6 C and above and to the left is II L B in the far right edge is 56 ..size????
    what do you experts think??
    if you need any more photos or details ill be only too happy to post them!!

    thanks again!!!
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    Hi all

    Removed the Wappen today as it had been at some time all bent out of shape, and it fitted the helmet badly... it has only the two mounting holes... so it would seem to not have been "messed about with"... it has no brass grommets (lost over time??) and the Garde star is missing one of its oblong fixing nuts, but the Wappen itself would seem to me to be genuine?? it has very well defined stamping to reverse.... and the solder to the studs looks very old!! it now with a little gentle reshaping fits the helmet much better (see photos) and I also added a nice repro 29 th Prussian infantry cover, I had originally bought for a fiberglass prop replica pickelhaube I have (helmet has unfortunately been made far too large and the cover wont fit it!!) still I think it makes makes for a very attractive dust cover for the proper one!!!!!!
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    Thanks for the addition pics of your progress. It has cleaned up very nicely.
    If I run across a chinstrap and plum while cruising the web I'll let you know!!!
    Semper Fi

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    Can I ask what level of cleaning you applied to this helmet? The brass doesn't look shiny, just nice and clean. Also the leather, did you simply wipe over with a damp cloth or did you apply something?

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    Thanks Phil ... just missed some standard type Chin straps...with an eye to modifiying to the 1887 hook and ring!!! So thanks for your offer of keeping an eye out for me!!!!!
    Glenn..... just a good soft bristle brush and the Silver garde star a quick wipe over with a water and diluted detergent on a soft cloth.. the rear visor i used some automotive leather cleaner/ restorer... I was really amazed how much more detail became visable!!!! Still tying to Work out exactly What it all means though!!! 1887 for sure....G R (garde regiment)...II B ...(2nd Battalion??)...6C. (Sixth company??) And size 56.... But the extra letters and digits have me a little confused!!!!

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    Having two Kokarde would mean that this helmet was in service after 1897 when the Reichs-Kokarde introduced.

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    Hi all
    now have an original replacement spike fitted heres some pics.... and .. while I had the camera... I just couldn't resist yet another close up of the wappen!!!!
    it's just the scaled chinstrap to go then.. that and maybe a plume!!! if I come across a nice one in my travels!!!!!!!!!!
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    a very nice addition to your collection mate i can see why you couldnt pass it up ,tastefully displayed too

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