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M95 Oldenburg Pickelhaube

Article about: Here’s a rare pickelhaube for your revieuw… It’s a Model 1895 Officer’s Pickelhaube for Oldenburg FAR 62 (Ostfriesisches Feld-Artillerie-Regt. Nr.62 (Oldenburg-Osnabrück) X Armee Korps). Old

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    This one, like I said, would fit nicely into any world-class museum collection you could name. It's like it came out of a time warp. Amazing.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    For me, it 's an original item, because this helmet is not for going to the front but for the "rear" so, we can find in Germany these "new" helmets, sometimes in the box. In the sixties I remember officers helmets with the arebouche(feathers) in boxes.

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    Some did go to the front, though camouflaged. (click for larger picture).

    M95 Oldenburg Pickelhaube

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    It's indeed an officer's pickelhaube that was intended for going out and parade purposes. Officers also had a "Diensthelm" that was usually of lesser quality and usually with plain uncoloured frontpeak and neckguard. These were made a bit stronger because they were more used in worse conditions.
    As lebus12 says, supermint helmets are sometimes encountered, usually in their storage boxes, in Germany. I bought this helmet somewhere in north-west Germany... and guess where Oldenburg is located...
    Nick, that's an enlisted man's helmet you show us... nevertheless a great picture because of the sniper and the Grabenschild!


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