Hello to everybody! I'm new in this forum as my main interest is the edged weapons of the III Reich, but chance appear this Sturmmesser model 1917 and I bought it, I'm very happy with it, a big, solid close combat weapon, I heard they were used in WW2 by the Italian army as they get lots after WW1, well, as I learn thanks to the help of other fellow collectors in other forum is Austrian made/assembled by a company named Wiener Waffenfabrik, one of the people who helped me tell that is very possible thtat was made by other company and only assembled by the Wiener Waffenfabrik, I've found a similar mark in an Austrian made bayonet by Zeitler-Wien company, I have in my own collection a fireman bayonet by this maker but with no logo, just the name Zeitler, any opinion wellcome