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More M16/17's

Article about: Thank you I had been looking at all the slight variations in the shape of the shell. Your explanation makes things much easier.

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    Default More M16/17's

    Gentlemen, came across this photograph......a rendition of pure horror !.....Gents, your thoughts please.....
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture More M16/17's  

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    First of, the dude seems to have a lot of spear time on his hands...
    Second, I must say that it hurts inside to see what he is doing!

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    If hes able to do that damage with a pick-axe, imagine what a 303 round would do!

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    Quote by jimpy View Post
    If hes able to do that damage with a pick-axe, imagine what a 303 round would do!
    The helmets were not meant to stop rifle fire coming straight at the helmet, but protect form shrapnel and if lucky, a bullet would hit at a slight angel and bounce of..
    (and even if they had been designed to stop a direct hit they sure didn't work that way!)

    But I see your point, a direct hit with a 303 would not have been a pretty sight!

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    Any ideas of what the purpose of doing this is?



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    Any ideas of what the purpose of doing this is?
    The war was over and all captured material was destroyed so it couldn't be used anymore.

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    Makes me wonder if any of these helmets have found their way into collectors hands as being "battle damaged"...
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    Oh, it's OK, they are all size 56/48 !

    What a waste ! (The guy is just doing his job.......
    Be easier just to throw them all into the smelter !)

    'Take that, you nasty helmet.............!'

    'Take that, you nasty helmet collector............!'

    Thanks, Oradour !
    Now I'll be having nightmares for weeks ! !
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    Rookie question.

    I'm not a helmet guy but used to own a ww1 steel pot and
    would someday like to own another.

    I've been hanging around these forums for some years just
    ocassionally looking at ww1 helmets and one thing still puzzles
    me.----------How do I tell a m16 from a m17, m18?
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    Chopperman....Basically its all to do with the liners,...M16 = leather liner band, 3 leather tongues, + M91 Pickelhaube chinstrap mounts + pickelhaube chinstrap. M17 = as M16, but with metal liner band (the term M17 refers to type of liner band, metal). M18, similar liner to M17 (metal band, 3 leather tongues) but the M91 pickelhaube chinstrap mounts are no longer fitted as chinstrap bails are now riveted direct to the liner band, and a 'new' leather chinstrap is fitted, with carbine clip type fastner (the easiest way to tell an M18 is that there are no rivet heads showing on outside of helmet skirt).....then the war ended !

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