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My M16 Camo Stahlhelm.

Article about: Hello everyone, I got this one a while ago for Ä 450,- It's in a very nice condition, and I'm pretty sure that it's a German M16 and not an Austrian M16. But the rivets for the chinstrap are

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    Quote by real steel View Post
    As with most camos....if the buyer is happy with it, that's the important thing. We here can only give opinions which is challenging often on a helmet such as this, opining by way of images rather than hands on is difficult. It may in fact be original....maybe not. Again, if you like it...all that matters
    I appreciate everyone's well thought out opinions, and I am always open to hear what people have to say about my collection.
    It's always hard to judge a helmet's paint without having it in your own hands.
    If there's anything else that concerns you about my helmet, feel free to tell me.

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    I said I like this helmet in the original post, and I still do. I greatly respect the opinion of the other posters here and It is perfectly possible i'm wrong, but I cant see anything wrong with this helmet, I find the patina and age very convincing. It may be impossible to conclusively prove authenticity of the paintwork, it comes down to judgement.

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    It is not too difficult to find pictures of known genuine examples without any signs of damaged paint to the lugs and the rims. I sometimes think that perfectly good examples of helmets are often written off for nothing more than personal feelings - although everyone's opinions should be respected. Battlefields were cleared and helmets sent back to the rear for refurbishment - often carried out by civilians in small workshops. If anyone wants to see a picture of them hand painting helmets with wide brushes, just ask and I will post. As collectors, our minds should be open to all possibilities, instead of condemning something as fake for such trivial reasons as lack of wear to paint. Helmets often look totally different when in hand.

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    Steve, I donít think lack wear to the paint is trivial particularly with WW1 helmets as this is one of the major things that can be studied for originality as opposed to WW2 helmets where other considerations such as decals ect come into play. Itís all about patina and I still donít see it on this helmet. I agree regarding helmets being depot refurbished such my example but this still shows wear to the lugs and other areas. I also question why the chinstrap lugs have fresh paint on them when they should show some signs of wear after having a chinstrap rubbing on them in service?

    I have 5 WW1 German helmets including camos in my collection and I have studied hundreds and look at images of them every day and I believe that I now have a good feel for the age of an item and this one just doesnít convince me unfortunately.

    ShapedSteel, my comment regarding not being able to return it was based on you saying you purchased the helmet some time ago and most sales have an inspection period but if you can get your money back and want to then all well and good. As others have said itís a personal feeling and everyone will have a different opinion and if you like it then thatís all that matters but itís not one for me.


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    By the way ShapedSteel, I hope my comments don't come across as too harsh and I take no pleasure from saying what I've said and its just my opinion. I've been tripped up and lost money on fakes as have most in this group as it's part of the learning experience and indeed the seller may be very nice and have sold the helmet with good intentions.

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    Hey Andrew....
    There is no "issue" here. The OP asked for opinions...a few of us responded. There is nothing noted here that is concrete. We are not discounting a bad decal or chinstrap that is a known fake. Just opining on a 100 year old paint job. If we did not give our opinions, what good would the forum be ? Out of 100 views, 50 might like this helmet, 50 might not.
    You gave reasons for your opinion rather than screaming "Fake". What more can one ask ? You don't need to explain yourself, nor I to anyone who is "narrow minded" with no experience. I respect Douglas opinion. It's what he sees.
    "When 10 men tell you you're drunk, you better lie down."

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    I am late to this party but I like the helmet. Not a camo I would buy because it is too plain but I think it is a good one. I suspect it looks better in hand, but to me the wear looks real. Just my 2 cents, which, if you ask my wife, aren't worth a penny. Jim G.

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    There you go !! Another "Like" from Jim.
    "When 10 men tell you you're drunk, you better lie down."

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    Jim, what do you think about the wear or lack thereof on the front of the visor, chinstrap posts and the vent lugs? I would have thought that a complete lack of wear was a little unusual?

    Shapedsteel, you could also post it on the German Helmet Wallhalla site as there are a large number of members that are collectors of Imperial German steel helmets.
    My M16 Camo Stahlhelm.My M16 Camo Stahlhelm.

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    Don't forget the painted interior dome....something that is not really accepted as a practice. No reason to have done that during the period
    "When 10 men tell you you're drunk, you better lie down."

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