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My "NEW" Rare non Spiky thing, Uland!!

Article about: Made a deal for this today, a Rare one. Not in the best condition but I will take it!! The body was somewhat "crushed" so after soaking it In cold water for over an hour, I was abl

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    Default My "NEW" Rare non Spiky thing, Uland!!

    Made a deal for this today, a Rare one. Not in the best condition but I will take it!!
    The body was somewhat "crushed" so after soaking it In cold water for over an hour, I was able to fit a hat stretcher into it, so now I will let it dry and hope it keeps it's proper shape.

    AS you can see, on the flat top you can see another spiky thing must have been on it as you can make out the words from another helmet plate.
    I need the Black and White side Cockade for it, anyone know where I can find a real one, or a good repro? And I will have to find out what type of oval cockcade that attached to the flat top was as well as find one of those.

    I picked up a bunch of stuff today including 2 Japanese flags, one is a meatball the other has lots of Japanese writing on it, both well used, I will post those after this long Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.
    As I am not into the Japanese stuff, I may list it on the for sale site.

    Happy Thanksgiving all!!!

    Dean O

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	GUH 004.jpg 
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Name:	GUH 005.jpg 
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Name:	GUH 003.jpg 
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Name:	GUH 002.jpg 
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Name:	GUH 001.jpg 
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    That is a great find pal. Those are hard to find.

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    MAP is online now


    Happy turkey day Dean (and all our friends up north) Nice lid and nice flags as well.

    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

    My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

    "Don't tell me these are investments if you never intend to sell anything" (Quote: Wife)

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    Excellent Haube! Love these helmets!

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    Thanks Guys, I should have taken photos of how badly it was crushed before I started to reshape it.. hope my idea works, I will know when I get back from "Up North"

    DEan O

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    Dean, the Prussian Tsapka should have a Imperial (red, white, black) Korkade on the right side and a black and white Feldzeichen (oval) on the top.
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    nice one

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    Interesting piece, the construction of this helmet is a little different from most of these I have seen. The front visor and the liner appear to be attached the same as on and infantry helmet. For the Tschapka the front visor was stitched on with the pointed up and then folded over, while the lining was stitched to the inside of the helmet. Are the 'fingers" of the lining squared off ends or round ends? Also the Wappen appears to be an infantry pattern. Is there a date in the helmet?
    This piece looks to me that it maybe a very later war made helmet, that may have had the plate replaced.

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    That's true, but in my opinion, there's even more going on... Here's a little resumé of what I see wrong:
    - The front peak is stitched wrong, the stitching shouln't be visible. The body is taken from a Pickelhaube, not a Tschapka...
    - The helmet plate is from a Pickelhaube, not a Tschapka
    - M15 gray chinstrap posts, chinstrap and trim on the front peak, yet the helmet plate is gold coloured (M95)
    - There's a small folded edge visible at the back, that would be the liner folded inside. This is also a Pickelhaube construction and not a Tschapka...
    - Glue remnants are visible between the helmet body and this smale edge... This can never be good. Maybe the liner is replaced. Pics needed...
    - Reichskokarde is at the wrong side (easy to change of course)
    - Feldzeichen is missing
    Considdering all this, I would think it's a parts helmet. I would try to get a refund...
    I hope this helps you.


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    The reason I stated that I thought this may be a late war helmet, is that at one time I owned one that I knew was original, but had been converted from an infantry helmet. Helmet was dated 1918 and had markings of being a field repaired piece. Although on mine the board was one of "tin" ones.
    I once interview a veteran from the 20th Ulan Regiment, he told me that after 1916 his entire "outfit" (his term, not sure if he meant regiment or squadron or what) was sent to the artillery as drivers.

    You may want to check out this site; Tschapka

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