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New felt Pickelhaube....

Article about: Gents, just recieved my second "Ersatz" Felt Pickelhaube, courtesy of member "gagevet" a big thank you there, Phil ! I purchased it through the "for sale" secti

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    It has double Bekleidungsamt markings. "B.A.IV" and "_.A.XVIII". That is somewhat unusual. Normally, when there are two corps markings, the later one is a "B.J.A." (Bekleidungs-Instandsetzungs-Amt) marking that indicates that the helmet was repaired by a corps other than the original issuing one.

    Since the XVIII corps marking is incomplete, it is possible that the marking was "B.J.A." rather than "B.A.". That would make more sense.


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    CCMJR...Thanks for that, having done more research I had discounted the "Landwehr" connection and was thinking along the lines of a repair unit have added weight to that theory.
    Prost ! Steve.
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    I like the ersatz helmets.

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