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New Toys

Article about: Eye-poppingly fantastic buy!!!

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    Eye-poppingly fantastic buy!!!
    "You will never know the whole truth" ~ Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski

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    Nice WW1 collection! you did a really good deal, congratz.
    I like the Granatenwerfer 16


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    Quote by Edmil View Post
    Nice WW1 collection! you did a really good deal, congratz.
    I like the Granatenwerfer 16

    It's my favorite piece in the collection as well. This is the item that made the decision for me. To give you a "head's up" I'm getting ready to do a post about it.

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    Quote by Correus View Post
    The item I traded was a Quist M1940 SS helmet named to a Pz.Gr. group. Over all it was given a 95% rating but the decal was given a 99%. It was authenticated by Kelly Hicks, as well as a couple others. I had no idea how much they were worth just that it would be more than $160! I am stunned at the prices these things can get.
    That explains a lot! Thanks for the answer.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Now the math makes sense - your seller must have been hanging out for that SS lid ( don't blame him ) and thought to clear out all he had for the deal ...... he got what he wanted and so did you - happy campers all round!!

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    Actually..he offered a few other items but I was beginning to feel like I was taking advantage!

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    Wow, $160, now why does that never happen to me lol

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    Where the hell did you find an authentic SS helmet for 160, some poor crackhead?!?

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    Lol - that is a $6,000 question.........!


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    Have you got any pics of the SS helmet you swapped for all this gear? I'd love to see it!

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