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Nice looking Pickelhaube

Article about: This one's come up for sale recently in a junk store near my house. They want \\$350, which I think is a pretty great price if its original. WWI is not my area of knowledge though, so any opin

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    Default Nice looking Pickelhaube

    This one's come up for sale recently in a junk store near my house. They want $350, which I think is a pretty great price if its original. WWI is not my area of knowledge though, so any opinions would be most appreciated. Thanks.


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    Hi Todd,

    I'd snap that one up if I was you, because it has the chinstrap and the kokardes (colored disks on the right & left side of helmet). Helmet is in very good shape, and has the better non-vegetable tanned liner in it. A great looking, complete helmet with all the parts.

    Don't forget to ask if that is their best price, as they may or may not have 10% wiggle room to discount it a bit.

    The chinstrap and kokardes are worth the asking price of the entire helmet.

    Looks like it is marked to an Infantry Regiment inside the helmet shell (J. R. _?_). Can't quite make out the regiment number in your photo.

    Best Regards,


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    looks a good untouched helmet.

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    With a bit of a tidy-up, that could be a $600 helmet on a good day (more or less).

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    Thanks everyone, hopefully I can snag it after work tomorrow. I'll post better pictures once it's in my hot little hands. Cheers!


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    I'd be all over that helmet. I too think it's worth
    a lot more than the asking price.........


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    DITTO on what was said, M1915 Haube in good shape with chinstrap and kokardes. . A WINNER RIGHT THERE!!!!!
    I would grab that in a heartbeat!
    Looking forward to the pic's
    Semper Fi

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    $350?? Don't even hesitate. Even if you wanted to just pick it up and resell it for a tidy profit, you can't lose. That one would have been under my arm as I left!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Visors look firmly stitched too, a wipe over with a damp cloth should be all that is required. Looking forward to a detailed thread on this one!

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    The best part in my opinion (besides the chinstrap and kokardes being present) is the spike is the shape and type used on the Herman Weissenburger & Company Model 1916 "Jaeger zu Pferde" lobster tail helmets. The shape of this spike is very distinctive in the height and style as being used on that particular maker's Jaeger zu Pferde helmets , and normally not seen being used on the leather body helmets such as this one exhibits.

    My guess is that this might very well be a War Bond helmet, and they assembled the helmet with a Jaeger zu Pferde spike when it was unpacked from the shipping crates after arrival in the US. I've seen photos of the crates being unpacked, and the spikes were not on them until someone put one on them after unpacking.

    I'm also curious if the unit marking inside the helmet body is "F A R _?#_" or "J R _?#" If it's "F A R" then it should have a removeable ball top for Artillery, instead of a spike. Can't quite make out the unit marking from the photos, sorry.

    Best Regards,


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