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Officers Uniform.

Article about: Thoughts on this tunic, please. These are the best pics I could get as it's behind glass. Thanks.

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    Default Officers Uniform.

    Thoughts on this tunic, please. These are the best pics I could get as it's behind glass. Thanks.

    Officers Uniform.
    Officers Uniform.
    Officers Uniform.

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    I am not a uniform guy so I can't comment
    on the authenticity of the uniform but the
    ribbon bar would suggest he was Bavarian.
    If that helps. Of coarse who knows when the
    ribbon bar was added to the uniform.
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

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    myself around.

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    It would seem to be a very nice engineer/artillery majors M10/15 feldrock. If I am reading the piping correctly. The wool is what you'd se typically for this pattern too. What does the inside look like? what is the price? There is nothing alarming from the basic images here, but more detail would be nice. The collar enbroidery is not the sort of thing that is faked.

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    I wasn't able to have a look at the inside. It was a quick trip to the shops. Price tag is $3200.

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    like it,but not the price.

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    Price seems high to me.

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    If it was half that price I might give it a go on lay away, but not at 3200. And a tunic always needs the headgear to go with it. Don't want to know what the headgear would cost, if I could find it.

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    I think it is about a grand over the top end of something like this. Even Regimentals might not be that bold. The cap is not as hard to find as you might think, but probably not cheap. But a nice picklehaube or '16 pattern Stahlhelm would go nicely with it. The proper belt would be a bear to find IMO.

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    I wonder how he would react to an offer of about $1500 less. He might tell me to get lost, lol.

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    Well, that is an option to low ball, with eye towards about 2200-2300 or so, which is about the high end of fair, but it is a lovely item. Mind negotiating a layaway price does not put you in a strong position though.

    Similar but much cheaper is this one that has been on Ebay for sometime.
    German 1915 Tunic | eBay

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