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Photos of WW1 German Comrades

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    Default Photos of WW1 German Comrades


    I just want to start by saying that I do not own these photographs. These were all on ebay with separate auctions, and I noticed they belonged together. Unfortunately, the seller either did not notice or did not care, and they were split apart to different buyers.

    I'm no expert, but from what I can get from the pictures is that one is a medic, and the other is in the infantry. The photos range from different times and places, suggesting they experienced a good portion of the war together. That said, I've wondered what relation they held to one-another, if they were friends or blood-related. Either way, I find it rather touching.

    I've been planning on posting these photos here for a while, since it won't be too long until the photos are removed and they would never be seen together again. If anyone has any information on who they were/what they did, please feel free to add!

    Photos of WW1 German ComradesPhotos of WW1 German ComradesPhotos of WW1 German ComradesPhotos of WW1 German ComradesPhotos of WW1 German Comrades

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    My gosh - are those two photos on the top right the same person? It certainly looks to be the same.

    If they are, it's incredible to see how much he has altered.

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