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Pickelhaube-Casque-Spike Helmet-Inf.Reg. 92 / BRAUNSCHWEIG-1912!!!!!

Article about: I always said if I would buy one Pickelhaube, it would be from this Regt. While I am not going to buy this one, I am interested in opinions on it:

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    Default Pickelhaube-Casque-Spike Helmet-Inf.Reg. 92 / BRAUNSCHWEIG-1912!!!!!

    I always said if I would buy one Pickelhaube, it would be from this Regt.
    While I am not going to buy this one, I am interested in opinions on it:
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    It's very pointy. And although I gave up on 'haubes 20 years ago and sold 2 dozen of them, and I am by no means expert, but this one is very solid and desirable to great unit, IR 92, probably not 3rd battalion but post 1912. I wonder what the death head fixing to the plate is like behibd, these are faked a bit, but at least it has a nice matched case and casque, good storage wear, probably a wealthy short term officer volunteer/reservist. The interior shows very little damage, but the leather exterior has suffered from some temperature and humidity vagaries over the years - a little slumping, but still a good shape to it. If one could tempt me back, this would be a strong contender.

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    An impressive helmet, but I'm wondering if the interior plate and spike nuts and hardware hasn't been replaced. The nuts and disks looks almost shiny new. And, although I know that it's anathema to some collectors, if it were mine, I think that I would consider removing the plate to clean the considerable dirt from behind it, as dirt like this will absolutely dry and deteriorate the leather over time. Whoever has it has nicely wiped off and polished up the rest of the body, but has, for whatever reasons, failed to even take a soft bristle toothbrush around the plate. If the nuts are as slick as they Look, it would be a simple matter to take that plate loose for a more thorough cleaning and polish to help preserve the leather body better.

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    Tony or Karel have the only 2 that I know of that are the real deal. I'd be asking them.

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    the seller has another, I don't like this one at all - I've never seen a haube with that weird wappen shadow....
    Pickelhaube-Casque-Spike Helmet-Inf.Reg. 92 / BRAUNSCHWEIG-1900!!!!! | eBay

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    Thanks, guys--these are uncharted waters for me.

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    Check the real deal out here;


    Note the subtle details and the descriptions. These are of course heavily faked and I don't think either of the offerings are correct.

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