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Pickelhaube update - please help - what do i have here?

Article about: Hello, I posted this pickelhaube that I got off of ebay for under \\$300. I could only post the ebay pics. I got it in the mail today. I stripped it down and took photos. Can you please tell m

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    Possibly the M1915 version of the M1895?

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    Quote by anton67 View Post
    M1895 enlisted mans Prueßen pickelhaube to IR33. Not an officers.

    DougB if it is a M1895 (and I do not doubt you) how do you account for the silver parts on my pickelhaube?
    It looks like someone (a very long time ago) painted the spike and eagle gold.
    And also the rim around the visor.
    Read the link I sent you, in its entirety. Anything and everything you want to know about picklehaubes you will find on that site.

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    Read the Keiser's site - that is what I will do.
    I have read it in the past but not as thoroughly as I would have liked.
    He sure does have a ton of info and I intend to go back and do so.

    As for my pickelhaube I wanted to note that it appears to have the name "Hechel" or "Lechel" written on it (see photo).
    It also appears to have either a maker's or Issue stamp that was covered over or worn (see other photo).
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    This appears to be a model 1915 helmet originally issued to IR 33, but then reissued else where (the inked out of the IR marking). All fittings should be the flat grey color. Your missing the state cockade (black, white, black). If you know what your doing you could try and remove the gold paint, but do it without removing the grey finish under it. You could also try to re affix the rear visor, by going through the original holes with a fine needle and tread. An original chin strap may be too costly, personally I don't see anything wrong with a repo strap (as long as you remember it is) for this helmet.

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    Another for the "Don't tell me they would'nt have worn it" thread?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    What do you mean Wagriff?

    To aicusv: I am hesitant to remove the gold paint because it does have an aged look to it; meaning it appears to have been there a very long time.
    Would there have been any reason for the soldier to have painted these parts gold during its use?

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    Also I forgot to say that according to the Keiser's website the grey was not paint but chemically oxidized.
    Which means if I were to strip off the paint, as long as I used a mild stripper, it should not damage the underlying grey steel parts.

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    I have to wonder just who applied the gold and When. It was carefully done and deliberately. The helmet was falling apart when received so it would have been done a Long time ago. Personally, I would have to ask myself if it might not have been done by the original owner simply because he liked the way it looked?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    There is no reason for the gold paint, other than someone in the past wanted to make the helmet look nice. The grey finish is sometimes a chemical treatment and sometimes and added finish. I would not use stripper to remove the paint. Instead, nail polish remover and cotton balls, taking a little off at a time. I have the remains of a m'15 helmet that someone painted all the parts gold, but for the spike, that was painted black. I've seen many things done to these helmets over the years. I once owned an officer's helmet that someone had polished the the gilding off the spike, so they painted it. Then there were some helmets at a VFW Post that not only were the metal parts painted, so was the body of the helmet.

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    Quote by anton67 View Post
    Would there have been any reason for the soldier to have painted these parts gold during its use?
    Perhaps he was keen to get shot in the head?

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