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pour le merite

Article about: Oradour here are more pics of the medal and it weights exactly 33 grams Jean

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    Default pour le merite

    Hi guys,

    now here is a interresting find. this medal is being offered to me in combination with a ring and a stickpin.
    The guy who is offering this set tells me this is all from one ww1 pilot. I know the value of these medal (huge) and i'm considering an offer...... but is it original?

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture pour le merite   pour le merite  

    pour le merite   pour le merite  

    pour le merite  

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    Default Blue Max


    Is this too good to be true?

    Attached Images Attached Images pour le merite pour le merite pour le merite pour le merite pour le merite pour le merite pour le merite 

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    Default Re: Blue Max

    If its a replica then its an extremely detailed one, even down to the hallmarking, closer pictures needed of edges

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    Default Re: pour le merite

    I'll move this one down to the Imperial section where the guys might be able to help......

    Is the same medal being discussed here?

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    Default Re: Blue Max

    Same medal here?

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    Default Re: pour le merite

    hi adrian,

    looks if there are more people interrested in this medal. by the looks of the comments it is a verry good fake. But what i do not understand is the combination with the ring and the stickpin.
    an how can you tell this is a fake? this one looks verry detailed.


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    Default Re: pour le merite

    lightyone and Redgemak, I have merged these threads as they appear to be the same PLM, that way forum time and space is taken up on the one thread, instead of the PLM marked ? how much is it, if it is below 10,000 Euros it will be fake or at the very least a jewellers copy...the last one I saw go with provanence went for 20,000 Euros, PLM's are a very complex subject and there is much discussion and arguement between collectors. You must read as much as you can (even using other forums!) discuss with other collectors (as on here or in the flesh), and at the very least own a reference on the subject...Stephen Previtera's "Prussian Blue" is recommended. As for this PLM the jury may be still out at this me it is a fake, detail on the eagles, especially the 'dead eyes', the solid fill between the legs and the wedge (tailfeathers), you can see a seam in the centre of the arm, a bad sign. I can see a mark on one of the arms, a silver content ? it should be 938 or 925 (I cant make it out), has the seller stated wether it is solid or hollow ? the suspension ring (Baroque style) is wrong IMO, these are just a small number of observations, there are plenty more one should consider....there are good and bad fakes of this award, in fact there are some VERY GOOD fakes. Here is a site showing the makers and measurements of th PLM plus history of the award I include a small photographic collection of originals, for comparison....
    Attached Images Attached Images pour le merite pour le merite pour le merite pour le merite pour le merite 
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    Default Re: pour le merite

    Thanks for all the information!


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    Default Re: pour le merite

    These medals together at the same time in the same forum, what are the odds?

    [Lightyone, does your medal has a halmark?]

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    Default Re: pour le merite

    Hi Jean,

    I found the add on "" You are from belgium an i'm from holand so i think its the same add.


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