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Pour le Merite on

Article about: Hey Guys, i want to buy one of order Pour le Merite from, i found many of them sold for \\$7500-40,000. I have no ideas how to prove that they are original or Reproduction. please

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    Quote by Jo Rivett View Post
    I dont know anybody who would even consider buying a PLM through the Internet. I certainly would not pay a good 4 figure amount for anything without being able to personally inspect it, but that`s just conservative me. eMedals have a lot of good items, they also have a lot of bad items. What separates them and their bad stock from places like Collectors Guild, Ruptured Duck etc.. is that when you tell them they have listed a fake, they wont react like the others and say "Merci Beaucoup" and remove it, they will just... do nothing and wait for some poor sap to come along and buy it.
    Exactly what I was getting at in post1 ,apart from the helmet deception, they have been informed about the fake 1st pattern Braunswick Treffen they have for sale and last time I looked it was still there. They only "popped" into this forum on the helmet issue to defend their reputation and even then offered no evidence that they had put right their wrongs! Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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    Hello All
    Just browsing their Imperial German Naval awards section as I am looking at various silver
    Kaiserliche Marine Verwundetenabzeichen that are on offer. Sold item G3311 was bought by
    some lunatic for 400USD! This type of crud appears on Ebay on a regular basis & shouldn't
    have even made it into their inventory. For shame. The design is by Assmann & is shown
    in the 1937 catalogue but the hardware is anything but period. These badges are sometimes
    passed off on Ebay as 1957 awards.

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    That is why I will tell all who sing the praises of these dealers 'Buyer Beware' This forum had a thread on several I believe bad numbered GABS or PABS awhile back.Whammy was told they were bad by the members and he should remove them.Can't remember what happened but he was reluctant to do so.Shea I will not comment on as I don't deal with him.I see bad stuff in almost every dealers stock.The administrators,moderators and members on this forum keep telling the new and older members,know what you are buying and do your research because these cretins will sell you bad stuff and laugh all the way to the bank.I am considered an old timer,but never to old to learn.

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    Just came across this post and thought I could assist. At the time the helmets were in discussion, I contacted the local collector who purchased the helmets and provided a refund - or in his case, he chose a credit which he later used. I had the listings removed from our website as I certainly don't want there to be questionable items listed. If I can be of any further assistance or respond to any questions, please let me know - Michael, eMedals Manager

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