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Pour le Merite on

Article about: Hey Guys, i want to buy one of order Pour le Merite from, i found many of them sold for \\$7500-40,000. I have no ideas how to prove that they are original or Reproduction. please

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    Default Pour le Merite on

    Hey Guys, i want to buy one of order Pour le Merite from, i found many of them sold for $7500-40,000. I have no ideas how to prove that they are original or Reproduction. please help me identify that it's original or not
    Here i've got some images.
    Thanks. Gun
    Pour le Merite on Emedals.comPour le Merite on Emedals.comPour le Merite on Emedals.comPour le Merite on

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    Hello and welcome to the forum ,I cannot help you with this one as they are not my area , but be very careful. Emedals do get some nice stuff but there is also some expensive and "dubious" items on their site. We had a thread about several fake german cammo helmets that they had sold and were promising to refund the purchasers, but no more was heard from them and they took down the images of the helmets from their site so that there was no reference/evidence left to see. Leon.
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    Pick a diffrent seller is my advice

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    Mate, going by this thread & your other one regarding Goering's Grand cross of the Iron Cross from
    Charlie Snyder I would hazard a guess that you are an impatient newcomer with money to burn.
    I would suggest that you do some serious personal research or you will be fleeced big time.


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    Don't rush to buy such high end items, spend some time doing online research and also buy some books on the types of items you are interested in, read them, then read them again, study the pictures, read them again, and learn for yourself what originals look like and everything else you can about them. Forums are great places for getting help, but in the end you must help yourself and not rely on others or sooner of later you will get ripped off.

    In the main I use forums as a show and tell, and only rarely as a place for authenticating items and if I need to ask, it usually means I already know I got it wrong.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    A scant couple of minutes time doing a Google search brings up several fine websites giving the exact measurements, markings, weights and colors of the Blue Max....There is plenty of good free info on these orders now available that was not a mere 5 years ago....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    search the forum, and ye shall find......................if not try here The Typology of the Pour le Mrite
    Prost ! Steve.
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    Original PLMs are very very hard to find and some
    of the fakes can fool the experts.

    With originals costing north of $20.000 it really pays
    to do your homework.
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    The only comment I have about Emedals is that they offer a wide range of difficult to find, high end medals, and in many cases they have several examples of the same difficult to find medal, each example in shiny new condition. They certainly look good, maybe too good. So I suggest you heed the advice given above and do some serious research and investigation before you jump on this one. You have ample time to nose around and see what you can learn. I think that the PLM in which you are interested will be around for a long while. Dwight

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    I dont know anybody who would even consider buying a PLM through the Internet. I certainly would not pay a good 4 figure amount for anything without being able to personally inspect it, but that`s just conservative me. eMedals have a lot of good items, they also have a lot of bad items. What separates them and their bad stock from places like Collectors Guild, Ruptured Duck etc.. is that when you tell them they have listed a fake, they wont react like the others and say "Merci Beaucoup" and remove it, they will just... do nothing and wait for some poor sap to come along and buy it.

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