Just in is this nice six-place ribbon bar.

Obverse view, showing its age with wear, patina, stains and fading from sunlight exposure, the latter being particularly heavy on the last ribbon:

The Prussian Rote-Kreuz-Medaille of 1898

The reverse has aged a bit better:

The Prussian Rote-Kreuz-Medaille of 1898

The decorations are, from left to right:

  • Ehrenkreuz für Kriegsteilnehmer [Honor Cross for Participants in the War] (Germany)
  • Rote-Kreuz-Medaille 2. Klasse [Red Cross Medal 2nd Class] (Prussia)
  • Rote-Kreuz-Medaille 3. Klasse [Red Cross Medal 3rd Class] (Prussia)
  • Kriegserinnerungsmedaille [War Commemorative Medal] (Austria)
  • Magyar Háborús Emlékérem [Hungarian War Commemorative Medal] (Hungary)
  • Медаль за участие в Европейской войне [War Commemorative Medal] (Bulgaria)

This bar was worn by a person sorving in a non-combatant role in World War I; apparently a medic, physician or even nurse of the German Red Cross, as the ribbons for the German and Austrian decorations don't have swords devices and the Hungarian and Bulgarian ones are the distinctive ribbons for non-combatants.