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Quite excited - picking them up tomorrow

Article about: Don't be disheartened Tim. You got two priceless relics of planes that are rare. Any originals left lost their orig fabric long ago so rarer still. For most they'd be the pinnacle of a colle

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    Well it is indeed as I feared - and even a tad worse, if that's possible. Got home tonight with new batteries for my camera and opened the package. The top picture had the glass facing the center of the package, but the other (the one that is indeed broken) had it's glass facing towards the outside of the package with basically only the cardboard protecting it.

    As I mentioned earlier, I bought two pieces of fabric. One of them was mounted on a piece of card that had obviously been wet at some stage and has some mould towards the bottom. This piece of fabric was from the Albatross Dva and had one colour to the fabric. The Fokker had three colours and no damage at all.

    Guess which one broke? Guess what happened to the card? Sorry for the quality of several of the pictures - just very upset.

    To be honest I am truly heartbroken about this.


    [Edit - made a mistake...]

    Quite excited - picking them up tomorrowQuite excited - picking them up tomorrowQuite excited - picking them up tomorrowQuite excited - picking them up tomorrowQuite excited - picking them up tomorrowQuite excited - picking them up tomorrow
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    I`m kinda wondering if there was maybe a `glassless` option when you asked them to post this?

    I mean, old fabric and glass through the post? Risky combination.

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    Tim: I'm very sorry to hear about this. I hope you can work something out with the seller. I'm always amazed how some people package and ship valuable items with no care or thought.


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    Now when I study your pictures I can understand your disappointment.

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    Bigkeeko, I have shipped pictures to the US and the UK in the past without issues - all with glass. I have also received pictures from both countries without issues in the past. However, they have been well packaged. This was not, IMHO. To be honest, it didn't enter my mind to ask for 'glassless'. I mean really, what prat places glass facing outwards without some decent padding?

    The only good thing out of this is that the fabric itself is not damaged.

    I will contact the seller and take it down to framer on the weekend to see if there is anything I can do.

    A lesson learned I'm afraid.


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    Thanks Luke and bigkeeko (must have been replying to your first comment when you posted your second).

    As I say, a lesson learned. It will not happen again.


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    I don't mean to be insensitive, but I can see that the card has some damage to it which to you is clearly a bit of a detraction for proudly displaying on your wall.
    But to me, the main issue is that you have two fantastic bits of aviation history - the fabric samples. Surely that's a reason to be happy? I know I would be.

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    That is a bummer, but I think one you get them re-framed the sting will ease a bit. Still a fine piece IMO. Hopefully the seller will do something to help ease the pain a bit too. Again, still a great piece!

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    From what I can see, a reframer Should be able to matte over 90% of the damage and not cover any printing, and, to be honest, it will look even Better than it did originally-with the classy looking matte around it in a frame. And, like Nick said-the Fabric is the main thing in any case, and it's fine, so it should all end up looking great!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the thoughts. After a night's sleep and a hectic day at work, I have calmed down somewhat. I have contacted the Seller and I will see what happens, but there is really nothing that can be done about the damage. Non-reflective glass and a some matte may assist.

    Just somewhat disappointing.


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