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Quite excited - picking them up tomorrow

Article about: Don't be disheartened Tim. You got two priceless relics of planes that are rare. Any originals left lost their orig fabric long ago so rarer still. For most they'd be the pinnacle of a colle

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    Default Quite excited - picking them up tomorrow

    Well, I'm quite excited about this. I know it's nothing earth shattering, but I really like the pieces. I got home about 20 minutes ago and a card from the post office was under the door, so with a bit of luck I can get home a little early tomorrow and pick them up.

    Back in about 1978, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum were restoring some aircraft and sold some of the original fabric. Bit of an out cry about it and they stopped.

    Originally they sold for about $10....I guess times change.

    The pictures below are from the site. I'll post more when I have them in hand.


    Quite excited - picking them up tomorrow

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    Hmm - not sure what's happening - allowing me to up load one and not the other.....I'll try a few more times - but the other is an Albatross Dva...nope - seems to be having a bit of a hissy fit about this second picture.

    Oh seriously - now I have two of the same - even though they are labelled differently....

    Attached Images Attached Images Quite excited - picking them up tomorrow 

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    Collecting is all down to the individual regardless of cost its how much you like it and want it on display in your home,I can't afford the really amazing things just learn to live with it,these are nice items in there own way and thats what matters................Jake.

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    Thanks Jake. I hear what you're saying and certainly don't disagree. What's special as far as I'm concerned is that from memory, only a couple of thousand were sold before they were pulled. I look at these pieces and just think....this is a small (and I use the term advisedly) bit of history that not many have, and for that I feel lucky.


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    Well I think my excitement is about to take a bit of a fall. I picked up the package about 20 minutes ago from the post office. Heard glass moving around inside. Got home and propped it up while I opened the door. Picked up the package and a piece of glass fell out. (Sounds well packaged doesn't it?)

    I have not opened it yet because I wish to film it and my camera needs new batteries.

    Post up-dates later.


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    ouch that doesn't sound too good at all,the risk we all take with glass if ordering by post...........mail centres

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    It's only glass, that shouldn't have damaged the precious cargo. Good luck to you on owning a bit of tangible history. Quite envious of you owning a genuine bit of WW1 plane. There are precious few genuine examples as it is, and for the rest of us whose name doesn't start with Peter and end with Jackson, the closest we come to owning anything like that is very remote indeed.
    So treasure it.

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    I hope the glass is all that is broken. What a neat tidbit of history!

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    Quote by Allegra View Post
    Well I think my excitement is about to take a bit of a fall. I picked up the package about 20 minutes ago from the post office. Heard glass moving around inside.
    Post up-dates later.

    Kinda interested in seeing some pictures there.

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    Most sellers, when shipping a frame with glass in it inquire of the buyer if they wish them to remove it. It's a simple matter to pick up a piece of glass for a frame and I'd personally rather save on the shipping price-both cost and weight and have them remove it prior to packing it.

    And, yes-I very much agree-I'd love to see the photos of your WWI Airplane relic when you get some time!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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