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Relic Stirnpanzer

Article about: Original or aged fake?

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    Another example from JimG: Another M16/Stirnpanzer Combo

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    Quote by AndyM35 View Post
    Apparently they made about 1 per 4 helmets and it’s estimated that there were roughly 50,000 units made. Andy
    My (German) reference book by Jurgen Kraus gives exactly the same figures. He puts the thickness at 5 mm, and the plate is capable of stopping a rifle round at 50 metres.

    I'm not exactly convinced by this example, primarily because of the condition of the edges of the plate. It wouldn't take long to age a repro good enough to look like that. An hour or so in a fire... followed by a good soak in an ammonium chloride/water solution would give that look. Of course if there were a makers mark to be found, that would certainly help in determining authenticity.
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    I was having a quick look through Baer’s seminal work “The History of the German Steel Helmet 1916-1945 earlier today and apparently at one stage there was a recall on all Stirnpanzer’s not in use so they could be melted down for their nickel. It is said that many were being used partly for trench fortifications. Makes you wonder how many are still burned out there buried in the fields.

    One thing I noticed about the OP’s photos is that the helmet brow that is protruding from under the stirnpanzer looks narrow like one of those ghastly Chinese fakes. Just some food for thought while we wait to hear back..eventually.


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