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Reserve Medal for consideration

Article about: Hello All I picked up this 2nd class reserve ribbon for Prussia I believe. Nice medal, great toning and patina. Outside of confirmation as to what it is the size is odd the medal is 14mm out

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    these can be easily understood wrong. we use metric system here, but we use inch too in construction industry.

    example last week, when I tried to order a 2 inch by 4 inch timber to the construction site. (2"*4" = 50*100, but really it is in hardware shops know 47*100) new worker came to serve me:

    Worker: Hi. What do you need? ( with hands in pockets)

    Me: Hi. do you have in stock 2 inches by 4 inches around 100 meters?

    Worker: ....No. What is it?

    Me: okay, its 50*100 timber. Do you have it?

    Worker: ..........No... But we have 47*100. Will it be okay? (still hands in pockets)

    Me: (little rush, and phone rings too) NO, Thank you.

    then I went to the next store, and I said 2 inches by 4 inches to about 100m. Thank you.
    (10 minutes later)
    Seller: okay. here you go.

    Sometimes it is confusing

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    Yes, sometimes it is very confusing. Gimli Glider knows it best...

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    in Cyprus correct harry. I imported products from NZ,AUS,Can and Iceland for years. 2 things I wish the US would do #1 switch to metric #2 sign on as a full members of the antilandmine treaty.(of course there are other things but at least those two I could defend against all comers.
    grrr imperial.........................Having played rugby all over the place the difference between metric and imperial thankfully was never an issue. One of my fellow rookies in college was from the UK. Our job was to obtain beer for the post match festivities. A huge argument as to how much beer was actually in a "keg) our ultimate equation we came up with was "as much as pick up truck could hold.

    anyway back to the thread- I will post some of my ww1 ribbon bars, thanks miro for selling me such a nice piece

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    You´re welcome. Looking forward to see your bars.


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