Hey all, I got this Gewehr off of Gun Broker a couple of months ago from a farmer in Idaho, and he didn't know quite what it was, ha. It's a Turkish arsenaled "ATF 1954" marked Gewehr. It has tons of original stamps actually, (looks like a franken-rifle really) and I promise a bunch of close ups of the stamps when I get a better camera next month so we can figure out exactly what all it is! I also have some footage of my 66 marked WW1 Stahlhelm. I made it b/w to even out the crappy VHS quality and added some music by Der Blutharsch. Hope you all enjoy it!
P.S. iMovie is stupid and won't mute some of the original sound despite my best efforts to kill the sound, so sorry about that and the abrupt ending, but, I'm not trying to be Fritz Lang, this IS only Youtube, haha.
YouTube - Gewehr 98, Mauser