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Souvenir from UB 110

Article about: Hi all. picked this up at a antique shop. All I know about it is what is engraved on it and the little bit of history on the UB 110 that I have looked at on the web. I do not believe this to

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    As the thread was not started to initiate a debate on the rights and wrongs of warfare and the shooting of escapees from a U-Boot I will draw a line under that topic and return it to discussing the object in post #1.

    After this warning, any further posts that are to do with my sentance above will be deleted and the person posting will receive an infraction.

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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    Just on the lighter side as i dont want to derail this thread,, but the word "calibrating" is another term for getting hit in the head from this item from a wife who does not understand this type of collecting.
    Souvenir from UB 110

    There was a mention that it's something to do with a torpedo. Would I be right in thinking it would be an instrument to calibrate/adjust something to do with the running time or something similar? Dwight, does your experience of WW1 boats tally with my line of thinking, or am I shooting in the dark? Surely there would be other (documented) examples of torpedo equipment.

    I'm still of the opinion that it was either something "liberated" by a crewmember either sent home or taken off the boat, maybe for safety/security? Wonder what the significance is of "13715".

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    Hi Nick I as well am very curious as to this item and have looked at page after page from many websites and I am still at a loss as well did you notice it had a leather bushing between the hex nut and the main body I wonder if we could get a few more details as to any kind of action or movement on the piece if the handle (If that's what it is ) turns or moves or align's the the one pin I noticed

    Regards Mark K

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    I couldn't be sure I saw a leather bushing. It's really hard to tell from the pictures if it's one solid item, or if the head (with the calibration part) is meant to rotate on the body above/below the collar ring. If it IS something to do with a torpedo - as stamped on it - then I can't think that this would be an internal component of the torpedo. It's a helluva lump of brass.

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    Spitace41: I can't be 100% sure, but it might be part of a C6 or C6D torpedo's propeller shaft, nearest the after end. It's hard to tell with certainty, but there is a coupling between the main drive shaft and the through-hull fitting to the propeller. Photos of the both ends of the piece might help as would an over-all shot from slightly farther back, with a ruler for size. The UB-110 carried the C6 and C6D torpedo, which was a 45cm diameter X 5.65m torpedo that carried a 270# TNT charge. It was used in U-boats throughout the war. Could you tell us how and where you obtained this piece, and what you were told at the time. The absence of a U-number bothers me, plus that I am unaware that the wreck of the U-110 has been located and divers have visited it. But that doesn't mean it didn't happen. There is also the problem of how did anyone remove the part, if indeed it is from a torpedo, without disarming the warhead. All of that would have had to be accomplished under water and would require rather detailed knowledge. If, however, it's not part of the torpedo, but from the boat itself, why is it in such pristine condition, having been submerged for up to ninety-four years? It's certainly an interesting piece. Dwight

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    wow this was mine i sold it recently to a friend of mine who must have resold it ,nice item, rgds Dave

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    It doesn't look to me like it's been underwater for 94 years. Torpedos had to be made somewhere, and it's possible this was a torpedo relic that didn't go to sea.

    I like Dwight's thinking about it being a coupling, but what irks me is that calibration piece. And also the relatively small hex/drive nut on the end, for the driveshaft, if that's what it's for. I'd expect a bigger nut.

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    Nick: Your guess is as good or better than mine. I focused on the torpedo because of the inscription on the piece mentioned a torpedo. The exploded drawing I looked at shows a short piece at the after end of the main drive shaft that spans the very short distance between the end of the shaft and the propeller coupling. It looks something like a universal joint of some kind. But the drawing is really too small to tell for sure. Besides, even with glasses, I need really big detail. Now that I have re-examined the photos, I am even less sure that it actually came from a torpedo's propeller shaft. It might be part of a C6's wet heat power system, which would account for the holes around the end of the piece. I would like to say this is the result of an intelligent or educateed guess, but it's just a blind stab in the dark. Hopefully, spitace41 will get back to us on this. Dwight

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    Ah, the fact it was salvaged explains things. Now we just gotta figure out what it is.

    Souvenir from UB 110
    UB.110 Raised by the British and towed to Newcastle Docks for inspection. Seen here in October 1918
    Attached Images Attached Images Souvenir from UB 110 

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