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Souvenir from UB 110

Article about: Hi all. picked this up at a antique shop. All I know about it is what is engraved on it and the little bit of history on the UB 110 that I have looked at on the web. I do not believe this to

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    SScrooge: Big thanks for posting that link. I had no idea they had raised her during the war. Terrific. I'll add that to my updates right now. Well that explains how the piece was obtained, but it doesn't put us any closer to learing what it really is. Were you joking ot did you actually own this piece at one time? If you owned it, tells how and where you obtained it, plus anything else associated with it. Thanks again for the update. Dwight

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    Just out of interest, there are more images of the raised boat at this link: UB-110 SUBMARINE 1918-1918 - WRECK WRAK EPAVE WRACK PECIO

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    Dwight, interesting that you were unaware UB110 was raised. I found the following quote, which would indicate it could still be an undiscovered wreck.

    "Lettens Jan20/11/2009 According to Arie De Lange and the book "Die UB-Boote der Kaiserlichen Marine 1914-1918, page 179", UB-110 was indeed raised and inspected.
    However, according to them, on May 18th 1919, she was towed back to the sea and sunk. If this is true, there might be an undiscovered U-boat off Whitby/Hartlepool."


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    Nick: According to, the boat was scrapped at Howard's Yard. Because I thought I had been blind-sided on this one, I went back to the standard references to see if there was anything about the recovery, examination, and scrapping. I use Arno Spindler, Der Handelskrieg mit U-Booten, 5 vols, Mittler und Sohn, Eberhard Rössler, Geschichte des deutschen Ubootbaus, J. F Lehmanns Verlag, Erich Gröner, Die deutschen Kriegsschiffe, 1815-1945, 2 vols. J.F. Lehmanns Verlag, and Bodo Herzog, Deutsche U-Boote, 1906-1966, Pawlak Verlagsgesellschaft, and none of them said anything about the boat being raised. But apparently it was raised in 1918 and the fact just fell through the cracks. Dwight

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    Yes, easy thing to happen. Only oddity now is whether it was scrapped (which would account for said item showing up) or whether it was towed out to sea and sunk (which might not account for the said item).
    Stands to reason if it was scrapped, someone thought to take a memento. Thank god they stamped its provenance on it, else we'd be wondering where it came from, as well as what it is

    It's nice to find out the story behind the item, irrespective of whether we actually find out for certain what the item is.

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    Wow. I have just looked at this thread after it had no responses and found all this!!!! I am really grateful for all the interest taken in this item and the amount of research that has gone into it on my behalf. I was indeed under the impression that the boat was salvaged and came to the conclusion that this was when this part was taken off. I would be interested to see diagrams, photos etc of what people think this could be.

    And SSCROOGE, what a coincidence as I did indeed pick this piece up in Manchester (I am at Uni in Salford). Out of interest where did you get it from? Its weird, but im also sort of glad this belonged to another forum member

    Regards to all.

    A few more pics. Not how the end bit comes out. also, the other end revolves, suggesting a lever of some kind?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Souvenir from UB 110   Souvenir from UB 110  

    Souvenir from UB 110   Souvenir from UB 110  

    Last edited by Spitace41; 12-09-2012 at 11:08 AM. Reason: Adding photos

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    Thank you for the additional information and the extra images.
    Would it be safe to say from the last image that when the handle is turned the large brass dowel pin at the end goes eccentric turning it into a form of a camming device to add extra force to what ever the handle is pushing against ?

    Regards Mark K

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    That's interesting, looking at these pics compared to those on page 1, it seems that a part of the item removes.

    Souvenir from UB 110Souvenir from UB 110

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    spitace41: Thanks for posting the additional photos. I was unable to find an exact match, but I did find drawings that have similar characteristics. Part of the problem is, that since the discovery that the British raised UB-110 in 1918, I found out that at sometime during her operational life the UB-110 torpedo tubes were changed from the original 45cm tubes to 50cm, which eliminates the C6 torpedo. Instead we need a cutaway view of the later, more powerful G series, which I don't have. So here is a question; does the squarish part of the device turn? How about the perforated round part at the other end; does it turn or is it fixed? Absent the answer to those questions, and based on what I can find, my guess is that the part you have is possibly the speed governor. Here is an exploded view of a modern torpedo speed governor. It doesn't look exactly like yours, but both yours and this one share common similarities. Dwight
    Souvenir from UB 110

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    Not 100% certain re this being from a torpedo, the holes around its "base" look to be some form of gas or fuel regulatory device

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