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Souvenir from UB 110

Article about: Hi all. picked this up at a antique shop. All I know about it is what is engraved on it and the little bit of history on the UB 110 that I have looked at on the web. I do not believe this to

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    Hi. The only parts that move is the cam (think thats right) at the square end (see pic 1) and the piece at the other end that I have shown removed. Hope this helps.

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    Dave: You might be right, but you are definitely in the ballpark if this thing is a propeller speed governor. Before going on, I think that the information I have indicating that the UB-110 received the larger 50cm tubes during her wartime career, is wrong. It appears that when the British examined and dismantled her in October 1918, she had 18" tubes, which would be the original 40cm (17.7") tubes, and the UB-110 would have been using either the C7 or C7D torpedo. The C7 was powered with the so-called "Brotherhood System" in which seawater was used to warm the compressed air, whereas the C7D used a wet-heater system in which seawater cooled the cumbustion chamber, thus producing steam as a by-product that was used to increase power and propel the torpedo at higher speed. The presence of steam in the propulsion system might explain the holes in one end of the part. Below is a cut-away drawing of a WWI C7 series torpedo, followed with a drawing with some of the important parts listed. In the lower drawing, item #20 is the gearbox, which includes the governor. The reversing gear indicated in the upper drawing allows the co-axial propellers to turn in oposite directions to eliminate torque and allow the gyroscope to function properly. None of this is conclusive as to exactly what the part is we are interested in, but I think the part is located in the after gear box and is the governor. Dwight
    Souvenir from UB 110

    Souvenir from UB 110

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    what a fascinating subject! out of interest (and naivety) how much are items like this worth as I've never come across an item like this?

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    Great looking piece. And some history of U-110. Thanks for sharing.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    I bought this recently from a small junk shop in an antiques centre local to me, i only sold it my friend because he mythered me for it and now i find he sold it on,, rgds Dave

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    Scrooge: Ouch! That's a bummer, at least ait would be to me. A genuine piece off an identified WWI U-boat that was sunk during the war would be the jewel of my collection. Can't really complain though, I have some really nice pieces in my U-Deutschland collection. Dwight

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    Sorry for not replying to this thread earlier (ive been in Warsaw for a couple of weeks). Sscrooge, IMO your friend would defo be off my xmas card list and Dwight, you certainly do have some fine pieces from the U- Deutschland. Merry xmas to all.

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