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Thoughts on this pickelhaube? Bavarian I believe

Article about: Any thoughts on this helmet? It looks ok to me, its a little rough in some places, but I like it. Annoyed from this ads?  

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    The helmet appears to be an enlisted man's private purchase. The spike looks a little different and seems to have been off the helmet at some point, as I don't see the washers under the nuts. The state cockade is Prussian. Things to look for dealing with the plate; How is it attached? Are there extra holes? Are there marks in the leather that match up (or don't) to the plate's out line. The one thing that does bother me about the plate, is that it comes down over the front visor. The Bayern plates I'm that I have seen come down to just above the visor.
    The other helmet posted looks to be an issued type. Not sure about it being an NCO's.
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    What aicusv said about the front plate would be a concern to me, as we've discussed..the condition of the Leather is pretty good and doesnt appear to have shrunk, so the plate should fit it possible to get some close ups of the leather..i know the price youre paying and lets face it,its a bargain..i would just like to see if we are missing any trickery on the sellers behalf...atm id say definite put together, but for what your paying the parts alone are worth more..just not sure on the artificial aging looks of the good replicas for these

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    Maybe its because it should be a Prussian plate? Are they smaller than the bavarian one? What kind of pictures should i ask for?

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    This is supposed to be a private purchase M86 Bavarian Infanterie pickelhaube.

    From 1896 on, the Bavarians adopted the Prussian model 1895. From then on the helmets for Bavarian infantry (excl. officers) had no longer the cruciform spike base, it was changed to rounded.
    Also was the squared front visor changed to rounded, the spike became also round instead of fluted and the helmet plate was redesigned.

    Looking at this helmet, I see the helmet plate is sitting to low. It should not touch the front visor! Maybe the plate has been replaced, but this is only visble when the plate comes off the helmet. An other possibility is that there has been a plate of another state, maybe visible when the plate comes off... If there was another plate there are usually imprints visible.
    At the right side, the visor trim appears to sit there in a strange way. Maybe the visor is loose or so, can't tell that from the pictures...
    Of course the Prussian kokarde doesn't match the helmet plate...

    Anyway, here is a picture for comparison and another picture of such a helmet in use...


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    Any thoughts on this helmet? It looks ok to me, its a little rough in some places, but I like it.
    Why do you like the helmet? I am curious what you like about the helmet, and why you like it.

    its a little rough in some places
    It looks like something tried to punch through the wearer's left temple area of the helmet. That area has serious damage to the body of the helmet. Why would you want something like this in your collection? I do not mean to come across as rude or snobbish, but I would not keep such a helmet for my collection. This helmet will always cause questions and doubts with potential buyers. I am not a "Mr. Minty Collector", but I have never kept a helmet such as this for my collection.

    I agree with Karel: the frontplate sits improperly on the helmet, with the bottom of the frontplate riding down onto the visor.

    Best Regards,


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    ww1czechlegion, you would hate the relic guys lol.. its not the worst example and for the price i would buy it for parts alone, and i am a minty collector..everyone has their own thing with collecting, for me its not the price nor what anyone else thinks about it, its what i like and want to collect..people should collect what they enjoy..condition and price dont enter into my opinion

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    Let's try to stick with discussing the items!
    I think both of you need to take a step back and re-evaluate your original posts. If this does not work, you can place each other on ignore and you won't have to deal with each other again.
    If this doesn't work, we can work out a little "holiday" for either of you.
    Alan has apologised for bringing religion into the conversation and says it will not happen again, I can accept that. No adult likes to be called "sunshine".
    Wizardman, From what I read, ww1czechlegion has attempted to difuse the situation and you will not let if go. Maybe you are offended that he has told you that your haube is not what you thought it is and are unwilling to accept that.
    P.S. LOL means "laugh out loud", exactly what the initials stand for.
    Searching for anything relating to, Anton Boos, 934 Stamm. Kp. Pz. Erz. Abt. 7, 3 Kompanie, Panzer-Regiment 2, 16th Panzer-Division (My father)

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    Thread has run it's course, and is now closed.

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