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Today I bought WW1 German Helmet Number 6

Article about: The first photo shows the chinstrap hangers on the helmet shown above, the next 3 photos show the hangers on 3 different helmets I have that do not have the straps, hope this helps. Thanks f

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    Default Today I bought WW1 German Helmet Number 6

    Well here is my latest WW1 German Helmet, kinda nice I think

    Dean O
    Ajax Canada

    Today I bought WW1 German Helmet Number 6Today I bought WW1 German Helmet Number 6Today I bought WW1 German Helmet Number 6Today I bought WW1 German Helmet Number 6Today I bought WW1 German Helmet Number 6

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    Nice looks like it has all been together for a while. (Looks like an m16 but better leave it to the professionals I Like it personally)

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    Very nice, all looks good from my point of view.

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    Wow very nice and it has all the liner pads and the rare original chinstrap only about 10% of these today have the original strap. I have one just like it same size but only with one pad and no strap.

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    Very nice looking helmet and good to see it with a chinstrap. I believe the maker 'Si' is Eisenhüttenwerk Schlesien, Paruschowitz/ Oberschlesien. Any chance of a close-up of the chinstrap mounts? I own an M16 but the chinstrap is long gone.

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    That is a sweet pickup! Thanks for sharing. Everyone is right, to find one with the liner and chin strap intact is not a daily occurance. Congrats!

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    Nice find, congrats!

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    Brilliant lid!..
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    great example.

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    Very nice helmet
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