Hi to all,

I inherited some awards from my grand-grand father some times ago. He was serving as diplomatic Messenger during WW1 (he established first contacts with Lenin after he took over russian government in order to sign the peace treaty of Brest Litovsk).
As a reward, he received awards from Prussia, Bavaria, Autria, and Oldenburg.
I could identify every single medal (e.g Franz Joseph Orden, Iron Cross 2nd class....), except 2 awards.
Maybe someone can help, forgive the poor quality.
First one is from bavaria, a lion holding bavarian colours with the letter 25.I guess it must be something about 25 years service, I don't know:
Unknown bavarian and (?) award
Second one is quite mysterious. A star, on blue white cloth, with the coulours of a city perhaps. It is blue, with three towers.
Unknown bavarian and (?) award