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Value of a WWI Gold Wound Badge

Article about: Hi all, I was wondering what the value would be of a WWI gold wound badge. The badge is authentic and looks like a very nice collectible badge. It has a very nice patina and there is the nor

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    I wanted to chime in for the issue of Ebay and realistic prices.

    I do a lot of shopping on Ebay for antique French clocks, WWI EC1s, WWI EC2s, WWI ammo pouches, Erfrut grips, Erfurt screws, pickelhaubes...etc. I think you get the picture.

    Ebay is the wild west. Any fool with a computer and something to sell can list.
    I am often flabbergasted by the price, condition, and rarity, claims of many sellers.

    Many are junk dealers who buy estates and then whatever they find in them they hawk and when it does not sell they go into a perpetual re-list mode. So you see that same stuff month after month. The seller has no idea of what they have or its 'value' they just think it came from an estate, therefore it must be worth a lot of money.

    To be sure not sellers are like this.

    Over time, and hard knocks, I have a list a sellers who are actually in the hobby and know what they are talking about. They are, however, the exception.

    I digress...back to the point:

    BigMacGlenn's post of about 110 euro, which is about 130USD seems to me to be fair for a hollow badge which is dulled over the years and has the appropriate wear.

    But, let me ask this. Were the gold and silver badges actually plated or is the gold and silver just a kind of paint?

    Also, BigMacGlenn's photo (above) show a very bright badge. Is that the level of finish one would expect on a 130USD badge?

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    Hi Siegersallee
    These badges were made from 1918 till the early 1940's as replacement or private purchase pieces
    & could come in painted or gilded finishes. Glenn's example is a cracker, but they are not all like this.
    A photo or photos would really help. I would happily pay 130USD for a badge with a nice complete
    finish be it gilded or painted.


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    Default is selling a hollow gold for $79 in case you were shopping for one at a reasonable price...The better the finish, the higher the price, usually...Personally, I wouldn't consider selling mine for less than $135 due to the high quality finish...knowing that they are very hard to find in such condition...Good luck, friend!
    cheers, Glenn

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    Hi Brett and BigMac,

    The sum of the information you both just posted gives me more to go on.

    The picture at of their gold badge at $79.00 gives me some idea of price to condition.

    I can say that the one on AuthenticMilitaria is in poor condition compared to the one I am trying to get; however, the one on my radar is not anywhere near as bright and shiny as the one BigMac posted. But, having said that, the patina is to me very appealing.

    I am hesitant to post pictures of the one I am eying as we are still in negotiations.

    Anyway, I hope to bag it in a day or two. Whether I am successful or not, I will post the pictures they sent me. If I have overpaid, then I have learned something. Actually, I have learned a lot by just reading the posts here.

    Posting Soon,

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    Happy to help, Richard...I hope you manage to score the badge at a good price, and we look forward to seeing it...
    cheers, Glenn

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    The price is what some collector is willing to pay for it at a given time. I have sold quite a few ground dug relics The price will depend on if the buyer (you?) like relics more than "mint" items etc. Just make up your mind on what you are willing to pay for it As i can see in Glenn's post, the price ranges from approx 70-150$. Maybe more for a rare maker etc


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    Hi all,

    I have not yet heard back from the seller per our last email exchange.
    I hope I am not going to regret posting a picture of the badge before the dust has settled but here it is.

    Oh, I just noticed that the pictures are not showing up at the correct size. I have tried to enlarge and re-upload but they are not getting up here correctly. So, until I can actually take the photos myself, this is the best I can do.

    Value of a WWI Gold Wound Badge

    Attached Images Attached Images Value of a WWI Gold Wound Badge 

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    Photo is rather small not allowing us to see the badge in better detail...the reverse view is important too, hope it has the correct hardware.
    I don't see why the seller would reneg on a deal just because you've asked us for opinions, friend...unless there is something to hide.
    But just from what I see the finish looks good...
    cheers, Glenn

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