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What is a Reichsschulrat?

Article about: Hello everyone. Recently I discovered that a relative of mine was a "Reichsschulrat" in pre-WWI Germany. I am not entirely sure what this term means (other than the obvious "r

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    Default What is a Reichsschulrat?

    Hello everyone. Recently I discovered that a relative of mine was a "Reichsschulrat" in pre-WWI Germany. I am not entirely sure what this term means (other than the obvious "reich inspector"). What exactly did a Reichsschulrat do? Thanks in advance.

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    Schule is German for school.

    A 'Schulrat' is one who belongs to a school in some capacity or other.

    It can be a civil servant supervising/monitoring the workings of a school/schools in some capacity.

    A 'Schulrat' is also simply an archaic term for a teacher.

    The 'Reich' part is fairly self-explanatory.

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    Thank you very much! It would make a fair bit of sense. I guess he must have been some sort of teacher or headmaster type.

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    Panzersaurus: We really need Andreas to step in and provide the definitive answer to your question, but in the meantime let me give you this; Schulrat was one of the names used to identify a member of a school authority, such as a school inspector. It was also the title of pedagogical-technical members of such authorities that were also called upper school councils, Secret school councils, Secret secondary school councils or provincial school boards. It could also be awarded as an honorary title to an individual school principal, district school inspector, seminar director, or other school administrators. Dwight

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    This is a civil service rank of a lower order. Each civil service branch, say, taxes, or whatever, had and, indeed, has a rank and pay system.

    Schulrat (Titel)
    damit, basta.

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    For those of you who live off the grid and otherwise abhor organization.

    Öffentlicher-Dienst.Info - Beamte - Besoldungsgruppen
    damit, basta.

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    Thanks everyone. What would have the duties of a Reichsschulrat have been?

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    If you can translate what I have enclosed, you will find said person was an official in the administration of education, in this case on the national level. However, in the case of Alsace, it had a special status, i.e. its status in the II. Reich after 1871 in which this term may have applied. Our Andreas would know very well, but, by some quirk of fate, I am well aware of present and former levels of civil service in the FRG which are derived
    from their predecessors reaching back to Prussia and Habsburg.
    damit, basta.

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