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What are these?

Article about: What are these? Also are they authentic?

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    The crown on the flight badge (which appears to be cast) is not Prussian, it is Bavarian. I would not be comfortable with it in my collection...
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    Thanks for the answers. And the badge is WW1 Bavarian Pilot's Badge (consulted with other people (in person) and other forum). Thank you very much .

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    Steven M is right and I was wrong sorry, but if that is a bavarian badge as it looks like then it looks very wrong also I woud not ber happy whit it, there is a thread in here whit:Imperial German Aviation badges
    there you can see how it shell looks like, Look ad the details on the crown! on your badge they are very soft and not good, in my opinion, When you compair it whit other Bavarian badges

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