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Wuerttemberg stickpin

Article about: I bought this today for 25 at a military fair with the intention of butchering it to make an EK stickpin. However, stupid me didn't think before buying and that the pin is in the part I was

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    Thanks Steve, that's what I was trying to find out.

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    On the plus side, considering the fair was about 80% guns and daggers, and the rest badges, helmets and TR medals, I'm glad I came away with a WW1 item, which is what I set out to do.

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    Hi Nick,
    Please d not cut that one apart. As has been said, Mini Eks are quite common and collectable.
    Kai Winkler at "House of History" has several for sale right now.----

    Helmut Weitze also has some right now on his site-----

    These little crosses can be quite addicting---
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Wuerttemberg stickpin  
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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    Thanks Greg, advice taken. I've managed to buy an EK1 stickpin from Husken's which HPL recommended, but thank you. Of note, I also have got one of the 16mm EK1s with screwback, as seen centre-bottom of your image. I just didn't know a stickpin version was available.

    I've learnt 2 things today - not to maul medals, and also that EK1 stickpins exist. Wuerttemberg stickpin
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