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WW1 Bavarian flag. Is it real?

Article about: Hello Gent's, This flag is at an auction I will be attending tomorrow. Do you think I should add it to my WW1 German collection? It looks to be in very good condition so I have my doubts abo

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    ......... !


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    For 30 bucks, it makes for a great display and you Don't have to worry about a 100 year old flag made of Extremely Fragile cloth material becoming ruined or damaged. Not a bad buy at that!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    In your original post, it appears that the length has been shortened. Is that the case?


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    The original picture from the auction site does distort the image a bit. The flag measures approximately 2' x 3' .
    This is the first auction I have been to. I had a good time. They did have a rack of older uniforms. They had a WW2 Cheif petty officers jacket with a torpedo rating , The also had a SD Hauptsturmfuhrer uniform but It looked just way to new and when I checked the Ironcross 1st Class it was sporting, I noticed it was a repro. They also had a brand new looking Africa korp Jacket. Some older stuff mixed with a lot of newer items. I had to sit through the nick knack crap (avon ,old cameras,tea pots,pictures of John Wayne and JFK and RFK) before they got to the military stuff. Next week they are having another one and they had a German Hunting short sword and Older USMC KABAR, a camilius pilot survival knife and a Gurkha Kukri knife that I will have to look at a little closer when I go again. I will have to take my reference books with me, so I will be better prepared next time.
    Semper Fi

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