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Ww1 black wound badge-real or fake ?

Article about: hi guys ,is this ww1 original or ddamn fake ? help me ,please.

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    Default Re: Ww1 black wound badge-real or fake ?

    I agree with Ade, this is a good one, no worries. Although WWI VWA's are faked, they are pretty easy to spot. As far as I know, the DRGM type is not currently being faked. The setup was done as a cost saving measure as the entire badge, including the hinge and catch portions were struck all at once. This saved manufacturers from having to take the time to solder on hinges and catches separately; all they had to add was the pin.
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    Not veiwing it in 'the flesh', but in appearance it DOES
    look original to me. I have several in my collection and have seen several of the copies (detail not as fine)


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    How do you tell a good DRGM marked badge from a bad one? I've been offered one online and from the images I've seen it looks good but being new to this I'm not sure what to look for with these

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