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WW1 Curraiser Pickelhaube/repro

Article about: Quote by LAS VEGAS on post 'Jack boots from Russia'...... 'oradour you say all the shouting i have done about the repro items ,i repeat they are exceptional quality for so little money ,but

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    Default Re: ww1 curraiser pickelhaube/repro

    its great to hear all views and thats what makes the forum interesting.

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    What is the line when original turns to fake or repro? For example guns, how many percent must be original parts and how many percent repro. from wrong model etc. Blueing, stock, finishing etc. In military weapons whitch saw real action, few are intact. Numbers vary and so on. To me that is wery interesting. I like things who have history, not things that have lying last hundred years in some warehouse in deep grease.
    Sorry my english, haven't use it wery long time.

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    No repros (fakes) for me of any kind under no circumstances. I prefer an incomplete collection of original items, rather than a "complete" collection of original/fake items. In addition to WWI US aviation, I also dabble in the German Air Service of the same period.

    I want to have an original PLM more than words can say, but can't afford one. I could by a fake as a filler, but why? For me, my collection isn't so much about the item as it is about the person(s) who wore the items. You can NEVER have that satisfaction in a fake...
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    kala your english was fine.

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    I agree wholeheartedly with Steven M.....i always wanted a Kurrassier helm, being retired my budget is small, but i waited and waited and saved up.....and i got one in the end for the right money......around 300 (approx $500) a couple of years ago......not the best ! an M15 model, BUT ORIGINAL.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture WW1 Curraiser Pickelhaube/repro  

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    orador nice to se a genuine one ,and also how close it is in looks to the repro.i cant see a person getting one for under a thousand s it not supposed to have chinscales//

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    Dear mr Las Vegas,

    First of all, I want to say that it's not my intention to tell people how to collect, but I just want to give my opinion...

    I think it's better to buy original items than repro for different reasons:
    1) When you buy repro, it's never going to become original. Then it's the question: what do you want to collect?
    2) An original piece is more expensive than a repro, but considder the money spent on a repro as lost for ever and the money spent on original as an investment... I've never seen original stuff become cheaper in 35 years of collecting... So I'm convinced it's better to save a while longer for that one beautiful original piece...
    3) Repro looks sometimes almost the same, but it isn't the same... One day you will get tired of it and want to ditch "the damn thing"...
    4) Buying repro because you can't see the difference between original and repro is the wrong reason imo. One should study the items he wants to collect before purchasing them...

    In my 35 years of collecting, I had some phases:
    a) beginner: knowing almost nothing, having not enough money, interested in everything
    b) average collector: knowing what it's all about, but still a lot to learn, having not enough money, collecting area narrowed and a well considered wish-list was made, wanted to buy everything on the wish-list
    c) advanced collector: knowing very well what it's all about, even more to learn, still not enough money, wish-list in the trash-can and buying only things in a well selected area...
    d) knowledable collector: knowing very well what it's all about, found out you'll never know everything, still not enough money, knowing that you may only buy things you've studied before...
    e) specialist: another 35 years to go I guess...

    I hope this helps you in some way...


    PS 1 Original doesn't look close to repro, but repro looks close to original...

    PS 2 On an M15 for EM are always leather chinstraps...

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    Well said !!...... i'd like to think i was a 'D', as i dont think i'll last another 35 years !

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    Here's an original for sale at the site of Helmut Weitze... I know, not the cheapest seller around, but here it is:

    And another one:

    And here's a Jager zu Pferde on the site of Treasure Hunt Militaria:
    Treasure Hunt Militaria

    A replica you can find on the site of ACC:
    Imperial German WWI Helmet -

    Hope this is of interest to you...


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    Default Re: ww1 curraiser pickelhaube/repro

    Adler i loved the dear mr las vegas.ThAts the great thing about life we are all diiferent.Iv made my points ,and thats my firm opinion.lovely pics of what is supposed to be an origianal helemt.Once again in this age of sophisticated repros i would need it teasted by an exspert thouroughly before i would pay over 2,ooo euros ,and simply wouldnt take any ones word for it its genuine.Its the logical ,and sensible thing to do.

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