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WW1 Curraiser Pickelhaube/repro

Article about: Quote by LAS VEGAS on post 'Jack boots from Russia'...... 'oradour you say all the shouting i have done about the repro items ,i repeat they are exceptional quality for so little money ,but

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    Default Re: WW1 Curraiser Pickelhaube/repro

    Dear mr. Las Vegas,
    I see why you are pleased with your helmet, but I'm affraid everybody has waited to give an opinion because... It's hard to give an honest opinion without hurting someones feelings, specially when you have to write it down and certainly when English isn't your native language. Anyway, I'll give it a try...
    Imo this doesn't come near a curassiers helmet, not on the outside or the inside. When you look at the general form and the colors of the helmet, it's clear that not one part looks a bit like an original one... this helmet looks more like something to put flowers in or something, every detail is completely wrong... even the wappen looks bold...
    Don't get me wrong here, as I stated before, I don't want to be rude to other people, but this 60 are gone for ever, because you have spend it on an reproduction. The value drops with 95% the moment you pay for something like this .
    I want to make a little comparison between an original and a repro:
    A) Buy 6 of these helmets and you have spent 360. Sell them in 1 year and you can maybe get 60 back... You loose 300 ...
    B) Buy one original helmet for 360 and sell it in 1 year. You'll at least have your mone back or gain a little... You have no loss at all ...
    Another aspect is also forgotten I think; you may like it as much as you want, it will NEVER become an original...
    Anyway, I just wanted to say what I think about it and have all the respect in the world for your opinion. Nevertheless I really hope you don't buy any of these poor repros anymore and that you change your mind some day and start collecting the real stuff ...


    PS I hope you're not angry with me now, just gave my honest opinion...

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    Default Re: WW1 Curraiser Pickelhaube/repro

    ADLER I STILL LOVE YOU CALLING ME MR LAS VEGAS.Thankyou for your balanced ,and respectful opionions.MY POINT PREVIOUS HASNT BEEN TAKEN ON BOARD BY YOU.THE MAJORITY OF MY COLLECTION OF ANTIQUES AND MILITARIA ARE GENUINE .I SIMPLY IN THE AGE OF THE SOPHISTICATED FAKE PAY BIG MONEY FOR TOP END ITEMS.I love these repros of a very rare helmet knowing i spent so little.the quality of them is excellent and i am very happy with adler i undertood every word even though english isnt ur first wishes . ps sorry for shouting again

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