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WW1 Curraiser Pickelhaube/repro

Article about: Quote by LAS VEGAS on post 'Jack boots from Russia'...... 'oradour you say all the shouting i have done about the repro items ,i repeat they are exceptional quality for so little money ,but

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    Default WW1 Curraiser Pickelhaube/repro

    Guys iv ordered a copper coloured repro of the imperial german curraisers helmet. I personally believe its ok to buy a repro if the price of the original is thousands. My gut feeling is this type of helmet is at least 2 to 3 thousand UK pounds. I simply wouldn't pay that. The design is stunning ,and even in repro form can look magnificent in a collection. The money i have paid is i believe a givaway price. Also why buy a very rare expensive helmet when this is the very area the fakers are working hardest at decieving collectors? I was wondering do any of the pickelhaube collectors have any repros in their collection for this very reason?

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    Default Re: ww1 curraiser pickelhaube/repro

    No, and i wouldnt is the answer to that....

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    Default Re: ww1 curraiser pickelhaube/repro

    I wouldn't knowingly buy repro stuff, which isn't to say that among the masses of cap badges, collar dogs, medals and other militaria I've amassed over the years there isn't the odd re-strike or downright forgery. Sometimes, even after 30+ years collecting, it isn't that easy to smell the rats ! I've always looked on collecting as a fascinating way of investing my time and money, and have always had the pragmatic view that if the effluent ever ended up in the air conditioning, my collection represents a significant chunk of hard cash, if ever I need it that badly. God forbid, but true, nonetheless. So why not bite the bullet and buy the real thing ? If you can find it, that is !!

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    Default Re: ww1 curraiser pickelhaube/repro

    why collect reproduction. originality and history is everything.
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    Default Re: ww1 curraiser pickelhaube/repro

    Hi LA, I must agree with my forum friends. History and originality are everything. I would much sooner spend hard earnt cash on something humble but original.

    I really think any repro debases a collection. When you show your collection to friends or relatives etc, it is much nicer to say everything is orignal, than have to point out this and that are fakes.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: ww1 curraiser pickelhaube/repro

    I again see ,and respect your points.95per cent of all that i collect is totally wartime manufacture. 30 years ago i would have agreed with you ,but i repeat this is the age of very sophisticated fakes and im not prepared to take the chance on spending big on what can turn out to be a fake. THE FAKERS HOME IN ON HIGH END ITEMS AND THIS WHERE A HONEST COLLECTOR IS MOST VULNERABLE. Im certainly not going to finance some thiefs good lifestyle. High end stuff in repro will do me fine guys. sorry for shouting.

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    Default Re: ww1 curraiser pickelhaube/repro

    guys i thought i would tell you what i thought of the curraiser helmet when it came.its stunning in nearly every has a lovely crafted wooden stand with it.i know some balk at repro ,but remember the fakers have made collecting a minefield,and i still say some repros are so impressed im getting another one in a diiferent coloured shell.

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    Default Re: ww1 curraiser pickelhaube/repro

    A year ago, I wanted to add a pickelhaube to my collection.
    I primarily collect Iron Crosses and only wanted a spiked helmet
    to display with my EKs. I was not going to start collecting helmets.
    Especially given the price that they sell for. I seriously considered
    buying a nice repo.

    After doing some research and spending a lot of time surfing
    the net for good repos and good ORIGINALS. I decided to buy
    an original. I found a good period example that only cost about
    $200 more than the good fakes were selling for. It was just a matter of being patient and waiting for the right one to come along.

    I have not regretted that decision for one second.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture WW1 Curraiser Pickelhaube/repro  
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    Default Re: ww1 curraiser pickelhaube/repro

    I'd never, ever prescribe what another collector should or should not collect. If you're happy with your purchase then that's fine, you're the one living with it. I only meant I'd never knowingly do that

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    Default Re: ww1 curraiser pickelhaube/repro

    choperman i was about to say that a standard picklehaube is within reasonable price and i wouldnt buy a repro of it.sorry to repeat its the repros of the rarer one i would willing ly buy.

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