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Ww1 ek2 ??

Article about: Hello Gents I was wondering if anybody could help me out a little with reference to an EK 2 question?.. WW1 EK2 with a civilain ribbon...I take that the cross is the same as a military one??

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    Cheers Greg, Saxony not too far from Austria I can see why now & then they would be mounted that way..Its all making sense just about lol...Thanks for your time Gents, ........Terry.

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    I don't know where you're looking, but someone here (can't remember who) pointed me in the direction of Andre Husken in Germany, and I've bought a few things from him and can recommend the service and also the peace of mind from dealing with him.
    Just had a quick look and he's got EK2's at the 55-65 euro price (about £45-50). May be worth considering. Yes you pay a bit more, but you get peace of mind and know you're not being ripped off.
    PREUSSEN - DAS EISERNE KREUZ 1813-1914 (2) : Preussen - André Hüsken Militaria

    He has some good makers marks in, including a KO at 60 (item 2558) and also a G (Godet!!!) at 60, item 2551

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    Cheers Nick just looking now as we speak...looks good.. Thanks again Terry.

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