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WW1 German Helmet and belt

Article about: I thought you might like to see the helmet and belt that came with the ID tag I posted a while ago: I think it is a german M17 style hel

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    Quote by Australian Guy View Post
    No worries Ben,

    Always happy to help when ever I can. I wasn't too worried about it being a fake, but if you take into account I have had for 40 odd years, it only brings you to the 60's and I suppose they were putting out copies of stuff back then as well.

    I see what you mean about the tab being the wrong way around, this is the reason we post this stuff, to learn from the experts.........

    Cheers from hot Australia,

    Hey Grant,
    As I said in the treath "lets talk about copy's", the war wasn't over yet and copy's where all ready being sold on collectors fairs!!
    BTW very jalouse about your 40 degrees, here it is minus and I have got the floo.Didn' t send the buckle yet!!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Hi all, Many thanks for all your replies, it is great to know that there are so many people out in collecting community willing to help.

    Ade, I hear what you are saying, and will listen to the master I will not be fitting another liner in it, you can rest assured It would never look correct to me as well, that I think about it, as I can remember it when it was complete. Besides, you would have to take out rivets and everything.

    Stuka, sorry to hear about the flu. I hope you are on the mend soon, didn't have a flu injection I guess? Relax about the buckle, I'm sure you will get around to it when your on the mend. I'm not sure you would want our weather at the moment, it's been up around 46 and over 40 for the last week, we have lost around 30 odd people to the heat this week alone, mostly the elderly.

    Thanks again all,


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    I too would probably leave the helmet as is....I have a KM M40 with only the band....I've thought about getting a liner for it - but have left it alone.
    Great pieces you have there of a war that continues to fall back into history.
    Thanks for showing!


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