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WW1 German ID Tag

Article about: Common knowledge that on Erkennungmarke the "J" refers to "I" to indicate infantry , same on most tags.

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    Default WW1 German ID Tag

    Hi guys, can any of you please shed some light on this fellow:

    Paul Glaswinkler
    AICHACH. 129.
    1. ERS. BAT. BAY. 3. J. R.
    2. KOMP NR. 3077

    I have attached a photo of his ID tag, just wondering if I'm reading it correctly. Seems to indicate he was in the 1st replacement Battallion of the 3rd Jager Regiment, 2nd Company and his number was 3077? If I have got that correct, any information on his regiment etc would be great Thanks, Grant
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture WW1 German ID Tag  

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    Default Re: WW1 German ID Tag

    1 Replacement Batailon Bavarian 3 Infantry Regiment, 2 company. perconal nr 3077

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: WW1 German ID Tag

    Thank you Dimas, you are a legend with your help and the sharing of your knowledge Any idea what Aichach 126 means, and I don't suppose there is any listing of the areas that this battalion served in? Kind regard, Grant

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    Default Re: WW1 German ID Tag

    Aichach 129 is his civilian address. It is a town north/west of MUNCHEN.

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    Default Re: WW1 German ID Tag

    3 inf reg Prince Karl of Bavaria was formed in Augsburg in 1698. part of 1 corps

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    Default Re: WW1 German ID Tag

    Trevor(Willi), Thank you for setting me straight on the Aichach 129, and the other info, much appreciated. It is great the way you guys will share your knowledge with us new guys If anyone has anything else they can share about this guy or his Reg, it would be very much appreciated. A bit of this WW1 German gear still turns up sometimes

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    Default Re: WW1 German ID Tag

    Hi Grant, that is a nice tag.

    I have only ever owned one WW1 tag, which I sold to a friend who specialised in WW1 items. The soldiers name was "Willy Warning".

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: WW1 German ID Tag

    Hi Ade,

    You have got to be kidding!!!!! It must have added $'s to the price, still it could have been wors for the poor sod, could have been warming, he would never have lived it down if he migrated I've got his helmet and belt as well here, must post a pic or two.



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    Default Re: WW1 German ID Tag

    Hi Grant, seriously that was his name

    I will have to ask my friend if he still has it.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: WW1 German ID Tag

    Id like to add my 2p worth..for refrence to future interpretation of unit markings, German script at the time made a 'I' look like a 'J', so Infantry Regiment 22 would be marked thus, J.R.22. however Bavarian markings would put the numbers before the letters,e.g. 22.J.R. so this should make the identification of marked items/equipment that bit easier. Jager Battalions were marked 'J.B.' followed by Battalion number, they were not up to regimental strength, only Battalion sized, like the Train Battalions.

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